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This is the first time Israel has struck the Houthi terrorists at home.

Most people want unity. It’s not going to happen.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Hindi, a top leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, discusses October 7, the war against Israel, and whether Trump or Biden would be better for Palestine

Trump ducked but was wounded on the side of his face at a rally.

The major crimes unit of Asheville NC are seeking to identify at least nine people who beat and dragged a 79-year-old veteran and two others from a pro-Hamas rally.

Among the five red lines for a deal with Hamas is Israel's insistence that has freedom to resume military operations after a 6-week ceasefire, following release of some hostages held by Hamas.

Israelis & Palestinians: Colliding Frames of Mind

Professor Mariana Chilton allegedly purloined pro-Israel signage from Pennsylvania synagogue, claiming the signs represent genocide.

If you thought things couldn’t get any more Orwellian in Canada, hold on to your hockey sticks.

Investigations have resulted in barely a wrist slap. Defunding colleges that are hotbeds of Jew-hatred should be the goal, not futile complaints to Washington.