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Secretary of State Blinken does not seem to care that the great majority of Israelis, even left-wingers, do not trust Palestinian leadership.

Seeing mobs raging on campuses and in citiez calling for Israel's destruction has proved a seminal moment in American Jewish history.

The accusation of genocide by Israel is patently absurd, but the kangaroo court in The Hague can still harm Israel and Jews worldwide.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his ministers must remember that Israel is not an American vassal state.

The Russia-Iran-China Axis

America First Legal is calling on the DoJ Inspector General to examine political considerations in probing vandalism, violence, and anti-semitism atttacks committed by foreign nationals.

Bide was prematurely proclaimed 'most pro-Israel president ever', given his administration's interference in Israel's war on Hamas.

As co-founder of Lewin & Lewin law firm, Alyza Lewin reflects on key lessons she has learned in arguing before the U.S. Supreme Court.

The Oct. 7 attack by Hamas revealed fissures in Israel's body politics, but also encouraged a return to Zionism.

US naval forces destroyed several Houthi drone sites while the terrorists' threat to shipping in the Red Sea continues.