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The Biden administration blocked a UN Security Council resolution calling for ceasefire in Gaza.

The UN Security Council to vote on urging an immediate ceasefire in the Israeli-Hamas conflict.

The IDF is now operating in the heart of Khan Younis, the city in southern Gaza.

The multi-billion-dollar Diversity-Equity-Inclusion industry is the central contributor to antisemitism on American campuses.

Turkish president Erdogan threatens Israel with 'serious consequences' if Hamas operatives suffer consequences in Turkey.

Hamas official calls for overthrow of Palestinan Authority chief Mahmoud Abbas and establishment of global caliphate based in Jerusalem.

The IDF denied claims that Israel plans to permanently remove Palestinians from Gaza.

The IDF has hit at least 400 targets in Gaza since the end of the pause in fighting.

Following Hamas's infringement of agreement, Israeli artillery and airstrikes resumed in Gaza.