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'Geopolitical Shifts and Changing Technology' is a continuing education course that connects the dots to understand emerging technologies and global change.

An end is coming for Israel's doctrine of a 'small and smart IDF' in the wake of the end of the Cold War.

When the Harvard president's apologists claim 'context matters', context apparently matters only for genocidal threats against Jews.

How can American universities be reformed and reflect American values of free inquiry and toleration of a variety of opinions?

SecDef Austin, JCS Brown, and National Security Advisor Sullivan hectored Israeli leaders, demanding that the IDF move from combat operations to limited operations against 'high value targets' to prevent regional war.

Mike Lindell refuses to acknowledge his loss and his obligation.

Legacy media coverage of congressional testimony by Ivy League heads revealed a bias for issues other than antisemitism.

After an initial period of engagement with policy-makers, MEAG was sidelined, suppressed, and shut down

The US Navy sank three boats launched by Houthi pirates against a container ship traversing the Red Sea. All three crews were killed. One boat escaped.

Israeli PM Netanyahu says western leaders are 'inconsistent' by insisting on ceasefire while allegedly supporting Israel.