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Progressive Democrats, such as Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, and Tlaib, are no longer isolated in their party for their hostility to Israel.

A major player on Wall Street is behind the raucous anti-Semitic rallies in New York City.

Three major human rights organization filed a complaint with the federal Department of Education, charging that OSU stood by as Jewish students were threatened and intimidated.

Interrogated by Israelis, Tarek Abu Shaluf admits that his group falsely blamed Israel for a misfired missile that killed over 100 in October 2023, an incident largely blamed on Israel.

The outcome of the war against Hamas is yet to be decided. Biden shouldn't oppose defeating Hamas.

Legacy media claim that they had no prior knowledge of photographers' involvement with terrorists.

A new report indicates that the reason for U.S. humanitarian aid to Gaza is to undermine the IDF and blackmail Israeli politicians.

Artist & Activist Weiming Chen Uses Art to Counter the CCP’s Message and its Goals

If the Israeli government remains politically stable, if the IDF continues its brilliant fight in Gaza and if U.S. opinion remains supportive, Jerusalem can flip Hamas’s machinations on its head..

Justice John Marshal Harlan was right when he did not attend John F. Kennnedy's first State of the Union address. Modern justices should do the same.