Noted Expert To Discuss 'What Do Israelis Owe Arab Palestinians?'

According to Francisco Gil-White, respectful dialogue over controversial topics is possible when people share core principles, as is the case for most Westerners.

Billboard for Francisco Gil-White seminar

AISH of San Diego will host a noted speaker on March 12 who will discuss the ongoing war by Hamas against Israel and the legacy of anti-Semitism as a political ideology.

Francisco Gil-White is an evolutionary and political anthropologist and historian specializing in ethnic-conflict and racism, with 20 years of research into the Arab-Israeli conflict and related subjects. Gil-White also teaches the principles and methods of Marshall Rosenberg’s Non-Violent Communication (NVC) and of integrative negotiation (Getting to Yes). 

Gil-White believes that peace is synonymous with having respectful controversies. And he believes respectful controversies are possible when people share certain core principles, which, in his view, most Westerners still share. In this spirit, he will consider seriously the most ambitious claims and proposals of those identified as ‘pro-Palestinian’ in order to ask and answer the question that headlines his talk: What do the Israelis owe to the Arab Palestinians?

The talk aims to move forward a difficult and, for the sake of the entire West, urgently needed conversation.

Gil-White is a professor at the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM), where he is focused on the mechanisms for social learning and social perception and cognition. His main interests are the evolution of ethnic processes, with a special focus on racism, and particularly anti-Semitism. Gil-White has also investigated the evolution of language, the structure and interaction of media and political processes, and Western geopolitics and political history. He is formerly a professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

He is the author of numerous papers, including: ‘Is ethnocentrism adaptive? An ethnographic analysis’, ‘How conformism creates ethnicity creates conformism (and why this matters to lots of things), and ‘Large-scale human cooperation and conflict.’ Gil-White exposed the Palestine Liberation Organization as having its roots in Nazi Germany’s Final Solution. He started the Historical and Investigative Research website to make documentation of his research available to the public.

Registration for the event, ‘Semitism vs. Anti-Semitism: The great secret of the West’, is available at the AISH San Diego website. It kicks off on March 12 at 6:30 pm at the San Diego Jewish Academy.

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